This is like Judas Priest 9th album, somewhat a rather commercial metal record but full of great and dark tones that still carry the vibe and attitude of the previous records, and a segue way from “screaming for vengeance” into mainstream radio accessible metal.

While not as Iconic as Screaming, the consolidation of a look and sound reaches a cohesion in defenders, where they found their sweet spot.

As per par of the course, records with this weight are complicated to speak objectively, and a band as prominent and with a quite a discography, it’s obvious the everybody it’s gonna emotionally attach to certain records that we grew up with, carried us over certain period or just added the soundtrack to a lot of our juvenile days, so for all our 14 y/o self’s out there: check this out, it slays.


Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith, cassette, cbs records, fct39219, 1984, US.