I love is record, it’s great, it’s loud and obnoxious, it’s full of questionable takes delivered in sardonic contempt, grandfathered in, some would say, but go read the lyrics of the sex pistols’ song “Bodies” and come back.

It’s a very well put together record, I’ll attribute it’s lack of melodic hooks and radio friendly lyrics yet very well recorded and mixed.

It’s full of creative breaks of pace and rhythm, that tonally speaking we can infer where very influenced by DEVO as well, It’s very cohesive, there is a lot of experimentation but the sound and vocals tie it together in a odd but perfect way, there is percussive use of dissonance and pace, with some amazing bridges of chaotic jazz like riffing working within the rigidity of hardcore punk but also plenty of “3 chord” riffs, fast and ignorant as possible.

Again, this is a great record, enjoyable from many angles and definitely that you need to have in you audio collection if you like punk, punk related, hardcore adjacent things or plainly more creative drive music rather than something that made with less soul and more profit in mind.


Fear – The Record, Lp, Slash,
SR111, 1982, United States.