We are Ritual Youth:
an act of collective concisouness excercising the analitical praxis in a world of performace.

we like to talk about music, booze, art, politics and video games, not from the consumer point of view, but from a quasi spiritual form, what makes good punk good? What’s it about hardcore that makes its adherents so loyal? What secrets black metal is capable to hold that is so nuanced and yet obnoxious about it.

If profit is how we measure quality, why is the most profitable also the most empty, fattening, vapid and shallow?

We try to leave this conceptions apart and judge everything from the our perspective on the most important angle; the drive of creation. Even the most derivative application of an aesthetical value will argue it’s validity in temporality and thus, it’s validity would be declared in reference to the context and the values carried by the evolution of it.

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