This is one of those records that seems to be out of place and time, the songs were recorded in 1936, and only released on shellac 10”. This sort of reprint is a compilation released almost 50 years later.

Learned about this one through Robert Crumb’s handbook and found it by pure luck at a thrift store.

Obviously, it’s some sort of comedy record, full of perky tunes with double entendre lyrics, but it’s quite good in that sense, there are some eyebrow raisers for sure, but given the time of making, I guess they could be way worse and it’s the candidness of it what gives it it’s charm, that along the voice of Betty Lou and the country bluegrass notes that seem to repeat in every song.

The lyrics are raunchy and not available on the sleeve so you have to pay attention to get a glimpse into the sleaze of the 30’s.


Hartman’s Heart Breakers – Give it to me Daddy! Lp, compilation, white vinyl, Rambler 104, 1981, US