One Allegiance Brewing, in Chicago Ridge, IL, is set off of a busy avenue, not far from the Chicago Ridge Mall. To accommodate COVID restrictions, the brewery greatly expanded their outside seating area. If you tip your chair every so slightly facing away from the avenue and block out a bit of the related noise, the outside seating is spacious and really a pleasant place to hang out. The inside didn’t have a whole lot to speak for, standard brewery layout, but it was very spacious as well. 

Harlem ave. IPA 5.4% 

Demonwitch: This was a crisp and refreshing ipa that was well balanced and easy to drink. It was clean on the top of the palate and the after taste moves quickly. We drank this on a chilly day, but it would be a fantastic easy drinker on a warm summer day.

The Fermentor: This was a clean caramel flavored ipa with only light bitterness and a quickly dissipating aftertaste. Caramel notes tend to make me feel like a beer is too sticky or sweet, but it wasn’t the case for this fresh IPA.

Sucker Punch Berliner Weiss +
Guava compote 4.9% with mosaic hops

The Fermentor: Note, One Allegiance has a standard Berliner Weiss on tap. They offer a revolving add of fruit juice/purée to flavor the BW, should you want it. Previous to our visit, they had a strawberry offering. Unfortunately for me, the guava compote was the only option during my visit. To set the record straight here, I really love guava, but putting it in a beer can quickly get you into pickling liquid territory that I cannot deal with. However, this BW with added guava purée had a light body that leaves a bit to be desired but the compote added rather than brewing the guava in the beer is a masterstroke in avoiding the vinegar notes it can sometimes kill the experience

Demonwitch: This Berliner Weiss was tart with a nice body, slightly acidic peak and clean after taste. The guava didn’t really add enough flavor to be significant for me.

10215 S Harlem Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415