Ah! Nothing better to rile up the populace than some controversy, juicy controversy.

Infamous record mainly for the cover, a PR stunt and a lame attempt at “punk” in a move to reignite record sales, funny, because a lot of the early mainstream versions of punk, fully acknowledge their disdain for the rolling stones schtick growing tired. (Wait ’till they hear what happened later), usually attacking the “rockstar” attitude and celebrity fixation of the entertainment industry at the time.

Music wise, it’s the Stones, the recording sounds amazing, its punchy and it has a couple of hits, definitely not the best of them by far, a somewhat a more raucous version of them.

It seems to be an album put out to counter attack the threat of that rising notoriety of

punk, but also to absorb it, or maybe reflect it? It’s noticeable the lame elements of it from which they clinged, as lyrically they appeared to also try to be more unrestrained and sleazy.

After all this years the record has received hate and praise, some of the songs in this did make it to be some highly recognizable hits, after all, this is one of their highest selling records, but at the same time, it’s hard to not point at, and use this same angle, to view the banality and weak attempt to “punk” up their act is as lame and weak then as it is when that happens now, and usually such thing can only happen in within the gated walls of the entertainment-music industry.

Certainly a record to own if you like The Stones and you wanna listen to their version of punk.

The Rolling Stones-Some Girls LP, 1st Press, Die-cut sleeve, Orange vinyl, Rolling Stones Records 5C06261016, 1978, NL


The Rolling Stones – Some Girls, Lp, 1st versión, “Preswell Press”, Rolling Stones Records COC39108, 1978, US. Includes lawsuit sleeve and the “under construction” substitute.