So if we’re are gonna be talking about music legends here, we will never finish, so I reduce the eleigbility to the records that I have phsycal access, I mean, at least requieres some collecting, sorting and purging, and therefore a need to be done. let my treasures be a guide and my failinuires and advides…of sorts.


This man is a legend, the type of person whose actions carved his own niche, and although many times gets overlooked by the rabid dogs of the entertainment industry as a relevant composer, he’s porbably one of the most imaginative artosts of the late centruy.

This is a best of compilation, quite good to give it a rate. There were some missing songs from the same releases that didn’t make the cut, but that’s ok, very few were really a hit rather than a fan favorite. They kept it consistent, the sound is great, but the artwork is pretty weak, it’s very budget looking and certainly would be hard to entice somebody to buy this just buy the look of it.

For the unfamiliar, this is a best of his versions of many popular songs, bound by his particular ear for the unusual sounds and the playful arrangements that became not only his trademark, but the best example of a genre of music by itself. Generally speaking, we can just easily call it “lounge” but his, according to wikipedia, is attributed as “space age bachelor pad instrumental music” or something utterly dumb specific.

This is the kind of record that is as enjoyable to listen to avidly, than to just have in the background of a reunion, or a party (duh), any social setting to be fair. That’s it’s beauty.


Esquivel and His Orchestra – The Best of Esquivel, LP, Compilation, RCA Victor LSP 3502, 1966, US.