Ah! Motley Crüe, many folks around me can’t comprehend how much this band ripped (from my pre-pubescent perspective) back in the day. while my formal introduction to the band was with Girls Girls Girls, I bought this release as a bootleg tape from a street vendor shortly after and much to my parents chagrin, became one of my prefered releases at the time.

After giving it an appropriate refresh listening prior to typing this, I recognize what has been being told to me everytime the band comes in conversation as almost, well, not a joke, but kind of almost like their career was not as wild as it was, yeah, granted they didn’t aged graciously and they became the focus of gossip and drama, That’s what happens when you let the entertainment industry take over, but they had some bad ass riffs, the songs are very well put together, they have a plethora of arrangements that many bands would sacrifice their bass player to learn how to do.

But focusing on the guitar playing, you realize that if they played this faster there were some sick hard riffs, again, there are plenty of little arrangements, that make the music sound very confident, maybe a little too confident? in hindsight, now being an adult with stupid amount of records and hang ups about music, my main issue is how rigid it can sound, it’s a very nice and well recorded release, so everything is bright, sharp and clear, almost too clear. so while maybe, at its release it carried some allure through it’s edginess, it seems kind of dull and blunt nowadays.

The title track is a classic, but my favorite song of this record is red hot.


Motley Crüe – Shout out the devil LP, club edition, gatefold, Elektra, E1 602891, 1983, US