If Applebees was independent, it would probably be like this place. This fancy, chain looking brewery in Woodbridge, IL comes complete with wall sized TVs showing whatever big game on every wall you can turn to. The beer selection is great but it’s just such a bland, uninspired atmosphere that it looks like a Mangolia Co. catalog, truly a look only Joanna Gaines could love. We’re going on about the look of the place because the beers are adventurous and quite fun, so the place just doesn’t do the beer justice.

Monkey Nut Peanut Butter Stout / 4.8 abv 

Demonwitch: This was a nice stout, but the peanut butter flavor was a little overwhelming, making it almost sweet.

The Fermentor: This wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t a fan. This stout has a strong roasted peanut flavor that is unfortunately reminiscent of a burp after a pbj sandwich. Kudos for the experiment though.

Broken Carabiner/ Green Tea Ale / 5.8 

TF: Holy shit, I love a beer that hits the notes of its description. This ale had a strong hit of green tea flavor right up front which was fresh, slightly bitter, but super clean. I really liked this one.

DW: This ale had a good light body, but it was still full of flavor though a little on the bitter side with green tea after taste. 

12 Pointer White Stout 6.2

DW: This was a very nice stout. No really special notes but it’s not too dry or bitter, with a great body and great flavor. 

TF: This was my first experience with a white stout, and I was not in love. All in all this just tasted like flat, watered down cream soda. It wasn’t foul but I wouldn’t order it again.

Hopper Dropper IPA / 6.3

DW: This was a standard but flavorful IPA with great body and good carbonation levels.

TF: I though this was just a standard IPA with nothing really to write home about other than I did appreciate the lack of lingering aftertaste in all of these brews.

Mt. Massive DIPA 8.1

TF: This DIPA was super floral and nicely carbonated but no way I can finish a pint of it. It’s so bitter and high in ABV that it was just overwhelming to me.

DW: I disagreed. This is a great DIPA. The high ABV hits you right off the bat but the ride is softened by the crisp flavor.

Skellingtons Gourd Pumpkin Spice Saison 5.8 

TF: Okay, now this is one I will write home about! The cinnamon and clove come through so well with no funky bitter notes from the spices. I love fall and fall flavors but damn so many breweries screw up those flavors, it’s really lovely when you find one that does it really well.

DW: I sadly I can’t relate to these flavors. It essentially gave me the impression of a flavor you get by mixing two opposite style drinks in the same cup, imagine a pumpkin spice latte mixed with a saison.

Black Forest Blood Orange BW 3.9

TF: This was such a fantastic Berliner Weiss with blood orange flavor definitely taking front and center. It smelled super fresh without getting into cleaner territory and is well carbonated.

DW: This was a great Berliner Weiss. It was super tart and refreshing.

Corbet’s Couloir Dopplebock 8

DW: You happen to have that one alcoholic friend that dumps whisky in his beers? This is effectively that flavor combo but with good beer and good whisky,

TF: Flat out, I hated this beer. For me, it was truly awful with extreme levels of sweetness backed with overwhelming boozy notes.