A classic, that for one reason or another, I have never been particularly drawn to, but completely loved every time I get to listen to it. I know it’s a weird perk, came with the deck, I have a couple more like this.

This record slays, the recording has enormous depth and the mix is at that point of perfection that could only happen with the warmth of analogue equipment.

I’m aware that I keep going through this magnificent examples of recording that are beyond objective opinion simply by their impact on culture and music, but I figured that it’s a great way to start and learn.

Musically speaking, this record really shows a wide range on songwriting styles, rock, blues and funk and without stirring them too much,

but keeping their pertaining vibe and slaying the boundaries of each style with the characteristic musicianship that we know this record for.

All redundancy apart, this is highly enjoyable record, dated, but in the good way, like you know this is forever going to be good and relevant, It’s just too well crafted for it not to be.


LP, Reissue, Reprise Records RS6261, 1979, US.