Since over here at Ritual Youth Temple can’t stop just going banger after banger, it was just a matter of time to get back to this jewel of the british crown, yeah yeah yeah, so many musicians could be referred as that since probably the beatles or the stones, but go listen to the beatles, and tell me what do you actually hear, those fools could barely strum their instruments with energy let alone confidence, anyways, I’m not here to talk ill about the overrated, I’m here to do a quick chat about Motorhead, and this release with their most recognizable song, a song that sparked an entire genre of savage teenagers and well into adulthood preserving the most sacred parts of rock and roll intact, spirit, delivery, speed and grit.

This record contains music that in quick view could just seem to be about fast cars, gambling, sex and all the beer and whiskey you could imagine. But in you can genuinely relate to their energy, their sound. One of rock and roll’s most powerful performances in a little taste inside the grooves of a piece of plastic.

This are the true sounds of liberty.
Long Live Motörhead


Lp, Picture Disc, Reissue, Sanctuary Records, 5326582, 2010, UK