Slayer is a kind of band that I have such a love-hate relationship because of the fond memories of earlier days compared to the messy late records, don’t take me wrong, Slayer was great and they have some great songs very deserving of their fame, but also have some cheesetastic takes and just reiterative music out there. fortunately, one of the best is this record, its at the right level of seriousness and so trashtastic that it beats most of their contenders dumb unless you know some underground stuff that really makes your arm hairs raise, but even then, slayer still does it quite better in order to really claim their position, after all, they really were faster than metallica, and didn’t fetished suburban mom’s country chick fashion in the same way.

The riffs are manic and some of the best of their kind, the vocals are as over the top as they needed to be, might not contain a mightier growl but really did what they needed to do and bang hard.

The mix is just slightly muddy, the bass drives with the drums in this one I suppose. The result is the amazing, half lo-fi underground sound, half trying to make up for it combo that we get in this one, and for all that is said, might be the winning one.


Metal Blade Records MBR1013, 1983, US