The decoration in this warehouse brewery set in Willowbrook, IL leans towards man cave industrial…

Very functional but not particularly curated. We appreciate the video game consoles but the multi flat screen sport TVs are a little too much. Pints are comparable to other breweries, but the flight (not really a flight just order multiple 5oz’rs) are really over priced with the average 5oz running about $2.75.

Couch locked key lime pie Ipa 5.8%

The Fermentor: The key lime pie… and I really mean the pie not just key lime… notes hit you first. Delightful and reminiscent of grandma’s key lime, but the bitter finish overwhelmed the entire brew. Tasty in a small portion but more of a novelty as I can’t imagine the final sips of a full pint would be nice at all.

Demonwitch: This was a surprisingly strong ipa with the lime flavor very present at the beginning along with hops. For me, everything was quickly overpowered by the vanilla, making it more of a dessert beer.

Stealing sunshine blood orange sour 5.4%

TF: In my opinion, this is why you want to come to this place. This sour was crisp and vibrant with full frontal blood orange flavor. I could drink this all day every day. Fantastic sour with no vinegar notes.

DW:This was a fizzy and tart sour but coordinated and balanced. The fruity aroma is refreshing and gets properly out of the way as it goes down leaving no aftertaste.

Only dreams now pale ale 5.8%

TF: This pale ale was disappointingly flat but had a nice round flavor that finishes with some bitter notes. I could easily finish a pint of this but nothing more as the aftertaste lingers too long as well.

DW: This pale ale was hoppy and bright, a little bitter but lacking carbonation, make the flavor linger a little longer than it should.

Straight up Porter 5.5%

TF: This started with a lovely coffee aroma but the overwhelming flavor is burnt. It’s not overly bitter but just like burnt day old coffee… Full discloser I don’t love a porter but I can’t imagine any porter lover enjoying this.

DW: This porter packed a strong coffee and cocoa flavor without the thickness of heavier porters. Good beer for colder weather, and overall pretty enjoyable.