This is Live performance by Tangerine Dream, one of our favorite instrumental synth space favorites, i actually enjoy this type quite a lot, and envision the time when I will have the patience to sit and try my best and the worst example of this. but in the meanwhile, I play Tangerine Dream or Zombi, or Goblin, Or maserati or… whoever, point is this release, right here, has a really good pair of compositions that are really interesting, except the very first of the first half, which i believe it’s intended to be a little more joyful of sorts but comes put very, sitcom intro, too, sweet.

without any complain other than that, this is a blast, and or a trip, or both if you choose to, if anything it feels short in comparison for how huge it sounds. but it flows easily, like water in some sort of river, through the plains, of a wilderness of sorts, inhabited by machines, both dreadful and magical, regardless, a true auditory experience, highly recommended.


Caroline Records – CAROL 1333, 1986, US.