This movie is horrendous, but somewhat “watchable” if you’re ok with either just passing out or feel like your intelligence has been severely disrespected.

It’s a shame that it’s pretentiously settles itself in some sort of zombie universe type of deal to keep pushing it’s nonsensical team assembly idiocy, and buries its most interesting asset with the whole beginning sort of outbreak story that the intro/credits part; That was the zombie movie. The use of a virulent catastrophe to explore the nuances of human nature and how they go about dealing with a complete reset of reality.


The couple of hours that come after are a drag through the sewage of pop culture in search for some sort of the story telling. Every character is bad, tired, and uncreative. The zombie genre has a particular thing about it, part of it’s nuances I suppose, and it is directly correlated to the amount of respect you put in it. This is done almost with the wad of dollars still hanging from the back pocket, and no intention of actually doing a good job, it’s the equivalent of having tacky taste in cinema form; dumb fx, dumb expenditure of resources, nothing to be learned or really appreciated.

In the end, nothing about this really matters, as it seems that Zack Snyder has made a name for bringing the views and not a compelling story, and in the middle of a pandemic, I guess everybody has some time to hate watch some exuberant costly mobile game plot be developed into a film feature film.