The record itself it’s pretty good and peak 80’s glam/hard rock, it’s a fun listen but if you were about 5-12 in 84, you love metal, rock, punk or something just didn’t seems quite right to/with you, it probably involves this record second single, we’re’ not gonna take it beaing of great value in your life at some point.

an Ipso Facto anthem to misfits and really anybody at some point. it wasn’t really the first time that any displacency with the w.a.s.p. way of life was being expressed, but damn if twisted sister doesn’t nails it. the video might seem too cheesy to many of the grown ups at the time, specially since the most well versed probably were very into heavier crafts, but “we’re not gonna take it” is able to communicate it’s exasperation with the small minded to kids across the world in a way very few songs have done.

The whole record share the same vibe, but we’re not gonna take it, it’s just so simple yet so on the face it’s a fantastic way to segue way as one of the perfect examples of how heavy music, connects with us in a more visceral way.


LP, Atlantic 780156-1, 1984 US.