Southern Tier Brewing Co. Lake Shore Fog Hazy & Juicy Ipa 

Demonwitch: This super hazy IPA had great body and came through with juicy and surprising balanced flavors. You’re not hit with a full bouquet of hops but rather a nuanced concoction that finishes really clean and dry.

The Fermentor: This IPA was wildly cloudy but had a very  floral hops aroma that smacks you in the face leaving you thinking you might be in for a terribly bitter brew but turns out evenly balanced and light.

Odell Brewing Co. Witkist White Grapefruit White Ale 5.0%

DW: This light ale had a really nice color and body, but was so tame and shy in flavor that I’d reach for another option given the chance.

TF: The aroma was actually really off-putting, but it is nicely refreshing with the grapefruit flavor. I completely agree that the flavor is on the tame side and isn’t really anything memorable.

Lost Coast Brewery, Tangerine, Tangerine Wheat Beer, 5.5%abv.

TF: Think candied tangerine peels around Christmas time. It’s nivel, a little refreshing because of the citrus but overall nearing the sickly sweet.

DW: I thought this was a verbally balanced beer that was contained and refreshing, but lacking enough character for it to be memorable.