First Lp by this florida outfit, and just the warm up for what was to come up, as this release is a fundamental part of the evolution of Death metal, and probably the highest selling death metal record to date.

The instruments, the vocals, the pace, and most importantly the attitude, everything here was done with the idea to really project the sense of evil and malignancy within it’s verses.

From the get go, Hoffman guitar work is particularly intense, there’s no introductory phase, straight into demonic groove. Glen Benton’s voice marks a steep difference from what was being done so far, he adds depth to the seething growling and screaming. The drumming is sharp and relentless keeping the timing for vocals and riffs to weave you into a frenzied groove.

This is a must check out for any metal head, no matter your genre preference, really short from should own a copy of this, just for the clear example of sound and style.


Cassette, Roadracer Records RO93814, 1990, NL.