Bold move, there are very few records on this planet with this weight, and here we are talking about like we know what’s up, *ackshually*, like we can separate and dissect it in the appropriate way and legitimize something that needs no introduction nor legitimization by some Nerds, even if you don’t know the names of the band members, even if, *ackshually* you haven’t even heard the record itself or name 3 songs, you could recognize the music from hundreds of movies, events, and cultural references.

The first time listening to records like this, it’s an experience that happens very few times in sort of a genuine way. A record not created by the main-stream entertainment machine, a band that made it’s way into the most the zeitgeist on their own terms, and a handful of songs that can be considered the blueprint for heavy metal, stoner and Doom metal, genre that takes it’s name from the song on this record “hand of doom”.

Black Sabbath’s second record is a goddamn classic and everybody should listen to it in its entirety at least once in their lifetime, if they don’t like it, it’s ok. They can surely go on with their lives and be wrong.


Warner Bros. Records ‎– BSK 3104 Reissue, Gatefold