I got drawn to this piece randomly. I really can’t even remember exactly why but I was drawn to the cover artwork, the graphic design and the heavy stock gatefold sleeve. i found it appealing obviously, it was a nicely produced record from what i was able to make up by looking at sleeve carefully.

Without much expectation I gave it a go, record was purchased on a little record buying spree so it sat for a while in cue waiting for the moment to be played.
It was a couple months before I got time to get to it, as the living arrangement I had at the time made the turntable unavailable.

I was met with intricate compositions and melancholic songs in which the melodies transfer across a plethora of sounds from what seems to be different un-usual objets or instruments used in a different manner.

A little drone-ish in tone, sort of experimental indie rock, although the songs do change in mood, there are a couple of consistent themes, a touch of bluegrass, a touch of country, the first part of the record is wrapped in somewhat a darker tone that although persistent, the introduction of higher pitched strings in the mix sort of overlaps it, and mellows it out.

Dead Oceans Records DOC028, double vinyl, gatefold, 2009