Rustic Road Brewing Co, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was a welcome stop off as we journeyed back to Chicago from Milwaukee. It’s set in downtown Kenosha which, at the time, was a sleepy snowy little town (special FUCK YOU to Kyle Rittenhouse for changing that fact). It’s a small industrial styled brewery that offers some standard bar eats along with some inspired brews. I believe this was one of our earlier experiences with milkshake IPAs and damn, what a way to start.

Pineapple milkshake IPA 7.25 % 35ibus

DemonWitch: This IPA was sweet and bitter all the same. It seems like a weird combo but it works so well in this type of beer. This brew had great body and carried the milkshake creaminess and hop flavor in tandem while the pineapple was a lightly sour bright spot.

The Fermentor: My only wish was that the pineapple came through juuust a bit more but I’m seriously loving these milkshake ipas lately. Mmm liquid marshmallows… you really can’t go wrong. Higher than my normal sour ABVs but just as tasty and quite comforting in some way as well.

Alcatraz IPA /BRUT series 5.85% 20 Ibus

DW: The name alone feels like you’re gonna be in for a bitter sentence, the trial deemed it non guilty of such. The fresh citrus taste lays the law and contains its punch to a very easy to drinking beer.

TH: This was actually a pretty weak IPA in my opinion, especially compared to their Pilsner. Easy drink but just an average beer with no frills and nothing really exciting about it.

Prague Nosis Pilsner 5.2% 38ibus

DW: This was a great, full flavor Pilsner with good bite and nice body. Finding that Pilsners are pretty tough to write about because more often than not, a Pilsner gives you exactly what you expect.

TH: I actually thought this was a relatively bold Pilsner with a maltier hit than your regular Pilsner. However, that malty flavored finished a bit sticky sweet and I don’t think I could finish another one of these guys.

Pérsica sour gose 4.75 12ibus

TF: The salt levels in this gose were really nice and pulled it back from the that vinegar ledge. Although I really loved their milkshake IPA, this was easily best in show for this brewery by far.

DW: This was a very interesting brew… It was almost candy-like but it’s not too sour and actually rather tasty. It carries a Citric flavor along the saltiness in a way that can only be acquired through drinking the remnants of a pepino con Chile y limon juices. 

Rustic road brewing co.

5706 6th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53140