First Lp by this British fellas, a somewhat moody release with upbeat and atmosphere, credited them a uk top 20, with the song Love is a Wonderful Colour.

It’s a weird take, like still mimicking tightly their more rock oriented rock contemporaries, but at the same time also getting tangled in that darker new wave sound. the result is interesting, full of solid, strong musicianship, creative songwriting, and well executed.

In my own taste, I find it still a little soft compared to some of their contemporaries in the post punk angle, but certainly a strong contender for a more elaborate and edgier new wave. Breaking it down, it has some really interesting parts, there are segments done with synth bells and really spaced out drums, there are some great sequences

of polyrhythmic tonalities accompanying the percussion. it’s an enjoyable record, albeit might not catering to the audience and pursuing their own interests, they do close a gap between a couple genre referential that become very present, leading to even some very prog-rock-esque parts.

Arista Records AL 6-8202, 1984, US