When I was growing up, the exposure to rap, and hip hop culture came to me very layered, in a wide and different array, styles and rhythms, commercial and underground. I was a child the very first time i heard “rap” and for a while my only exposure was to very commercial and cosmetic artists, it took me some extra years to really start getting formalized with it as it was in the streets, with real performers.

This record right here, is considered as one of the footprints that set the standard, a fragment of what rap was made of but a crucial one. the beat and main structures of song could be following the same “original” formula, but they ventured out and played with further possibilities, that led them to huge commercial success in their own right. I remember trying to do the robot and breakdancing very poorly with my cousin to a tape had with this record and a couple extra goodies.

I can’t really add more to it, we could discuss it in context, how the delivery is very on par with the date, but the rhythm is still different, the beats are sharp and precise, the wide array of sampled sounds and cleanliness of the beats is mesmerizing. there is a pace within the record as it works it’s ways towards the end. it’s bombastic but humble, it’s easy flowing but intricate. it’s like that and that’s the way it is…

Profile Records pro-1202, 1984. US