We picked a local provisions shop in search of new brews, this is was we obtained

Spiteful brewery hazy ipa with guava. 6.5%

DW: I’m not gonna lie, guava is hard sometimes because it can turn a brew into something very acidic, but not in this case. Here, it adds onto the bitterness of the hops, creating a strong yet palatable experience. 

FV: I did not like this at all. The guava seems to just make it sticky and it was just an overall bitter and lingering unpleasant experience for me. Definitely not my thing.

Victory tart monkey, session sour ale with guava. 4.9% 

DW: While this was tasty and refreshing, there is a certain absence in flavor that I just can’t get past. It’s kinda the same effect with some juices where the end result seems to have left all of the flavor in the preparation process. 

FV: I though this was light and just a tiny bit sour with the typical stick-to-your-tongue aftertaste of a wheat beer. If this was just a bit crisper, it would be even better, but a nice starter, not-so-wild sour regardless.

Victory Sour Monkey, sour triple 9.5% 

DW: This is obviously sour.. really sour. It was tasty and boozy although you wouldn’t even notice because the sour hits you hard, it completely masks the booziness. It’s definitely one to hold for the summer months.

FV: Shocker… it’s sour but it’s also wonderfully light and super tasty… it’s one of those dangerously high ABV beers that kick back wayyy too easy. If you wanna chill outside with this, make sure you have a ride home from the beach because you will be toasted.