This is what, …4th LP by Iron Maiden.It’s amazing, but It doesn’t matter, this the one, the trooper is in this slab and tha song alone kinda eats up the show, the rest of the recod is a banger for sure.

On the other hand and to be fair… by now, this is the kind of album that is just incredibly hard to sort out objectively because I love it. since like 4rd grade, originally I obtained it as a bootleg with a bunch of tapes that I bought at a market, along some other timeframing jewels, after my Cousin showed me some other bands and releases. anyways, this is whats is probably iron maiden’s crown jewel, recording wise, the mix has such a clean and difiend alignemet, the rest of the songs are still a variety of fan favorite and some of the hardest riffs that could have been ripening at the time. and incredibly tight and clean performance, i can only imagine being a little more aware of style and nuance and getting to hear this the very first time.

There is a difference in the way that iron maiden performs, a perfectionist approach, sometimes it comes off a little excessive but there has been some incredible precise musicianship, akin to the difference from playing super mario bros. to megaman. and this record is that perfect balance.

LP, Capitol records ST-12274 Jacksonville pressing, 1983.