I’m asuming that a lot of people know this band, but also, KNOW that way more don’t, so, I have to be objective and present it for what it is; German early 80’s punk rock with a bombastic take that the lack of germanship on my behalf leads me to miss what I believe to be at least 1/2 of the appeal in this type of punk, very anthemic, polished and very interesting nonetheless.

The songs are similar enough to remind you that you’re listening to the same band, but not a cookie copy of each other either, there is something to the way that they do it, each song makes you feel like there is a certain self awareness that stops them from taking it too seriously and concentrating in fast and meaner parts, and creating a more theatrical perception of their music, that, without undestanding the lyrics, I felt more inclined to connect towards the work of dead kennedys.

The record flows easily, there is no part that denotes an unexperienced band, includes a memorable Sweet cover that comes out a little stiff but they even recorded the “getting ready” dialogue from the original.

Hard Way Records, 1986