Gritty and Punchy Post Punk, Deathrock if you may, very visceral vocals and driven with a heavy bass, slighlty melodic, the guitars are fuzzed out, well seasoned and crispy like a dry ice burn.

Above all, it makes a compelling case for some heavy yet gloomy, that is not trapped in an stylist trope or a redundant nostalgia, implies a further relationship with the genre beyond abusing chorus pedals to play 80’s pop riffs.

Sonically, There is a very present urgency presented with glistening despair, consistent in composition, dynamic and fluidity. comparisons to “x” “y” or “z”,”genre-defining” band can easily be made, but Cemetery certainly works their way higher from the building blocks of previous purveyors of the sound and make it their own quest.

The artwork and layout are great and I’m a fan of the full face print on the tape sides, really adds character. Recording is fantastic and really settles at that line where there is grit but there is good sound quality.

Highly recommended.

Caligari Records, 2015.