Very small, more restaurant leaning, small batch brewery with housemade pizzas and standard brew fares. This was one of the more low key breweries that we’ve visited over the last few years with little to nothing on the wall and everyone lazer focused on the game happening on big TV next to the bar.

However, families are welcome, so if you want to bring the kids along, this is a nice option. We didn’t try the pizzas, but they look great.

The Potions:

Weather pale ale 5.7%

FV This pale ale hits immediately with full flavor and carbonation. However, all that you’re left with is overwhelming bitterness and an aftertaste that lingers far too long.

DW I actually liked this pale ale. It had bright hop tones from start to finish with a very crisp body.

Gabardine cream ale 6%

DW: Flapjack’s cream ale offering was light and tasty. It really felt like a heavier and thicker pils, making very tasty and easy going down. 

FV: This ale is one of those really easy fresh boys. Anyone could kill a few of these and happily so at that.

Spine know black ipa 6.7%

FV: Hey no surprise, IPAs still are not my main ham, but this black ale was really nice and roasty toasty with some smokey notes that finished a bit spicy. I really enjoyed this for a few sips, but unfortunately, after a bit, it finishes more burnt than toasted.

DW: This IPA was a darker blend that managed to carry the malt and hops on a back and forth through your tastebuds going down. Very flavorful and well rounded.

Ba Fang Ghoul double red ipa, 8.5%

FV: This guy is a dangerous one. The ABA is wild for such a easy to crush brew. It’s low on bitterness and slightly caramely but still decently fresh. You could finish a rack of these easily but you would not be awake for long after. 

DW: This double red was pretty hoppy right up front but with its bitterness tamed by the caramel, it finished nice and even a bit sweet as it settled.

Flap Jack Brewery 6833 Stanley Ave, Berwyn, IL 60402