Water Street Brewery, in Milwaukee, WI, was unfortunately, not all that memorable despite it’s beautiful, cozy interior.

We actually visited this brewery a couple years before this documented visit, and it took a bit to realize that fact… Through and through, that’s never a good sign. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this place, it’s just nothing special and seems to focus much more on the food than exploring new brews.

Bavaria Weiss 5.2 ibu 5

DW: This was an okay, fruity Hefeweizen with bright undertones.

FV: I thought this was a simple Hefeweizen with no remarkable traits. It’s just one of those beers that you finish, shrug your shoulders about and move on.

Raspberry Weiss 5.5 ibu 5

DW: We differed greatly in our feelings toward this beer. I thought it had a nice, slight tangy flavor and aroma with nothing that overwhelmed anything in this brew… like a tackle box there was a space for every note and in the end it is still packaged in the same box. 

FV: I was so disappointed in this brew. Don’t tell me raspberry and give me cough syrup notes… It just was not a pleasant berry flavor and left a strong aftertaste that wasn’t pleasant at all.

Kladruber porter 6.7 ibu 30

DW: This as higher point in the tasting. This was a light bodied porter with equal amounts of coffee and chocolate tones and went well with the chilly weather.

FV: I had to agree that this was a better moment in their offerings. This porter was toasty and just lightly bitter and finishes with a dark caramel flavor. 

Westminster ipa 6.0 ibus 40

DW: This was definitely a different type of IPA that my usual go-tos. The hops are not too frontal and the yeast and malt has a different note making it a tonal brew that breathes in a different pace.

FV: I guess I will try to explain this in less refined ways.. Basically, an ipa and a sour had a baby and it’s called Westminster. This was so so so nice and should be the first you try when you visit this location.

1101 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202.