7th Lp of these dudes, by now, their sound is tight as fuck, although it keeps with the same formula of songwriting they have had on the previous 5 Records, and that they will continue to exploit until it stops paying.

After giving it a fresh listen, I still think that although technically precise, has very little to offer in terms of their discography, with only a couple songs mildly memorable.
Now, although I do prefer the NOFX sound from liberal animation and maximum rockandroll, I followed their development up until The Decline, feeling less and less connection with the newer albums as they came out, maybe I ran out of angst, maybe they became repetitive, hard to tell, but a lot of my high school friends that still love them and wouldn’t bat an eyelash to go see them, rarely seem to be listening or even actually buying any of the newer stuff, So I know it’s not just me who’s a little bored with the act.

Epitaph, 1997