There are some great bands in Texas, but, very few hit as hard as Impalers, damn, to be fair, very few bands in general hit as hard as them, delivering a barrage of pummeling riffs that never stops.

This is probably one of my favorite releases from the last decade, it’s just fucking savage, while the scope of their sound could be hindered by the strict definitions of what is DBeat/hardcore/punk is; their speciality is use of cyclical variation and noise as layering elements within each song and riffs to flow throughout the record, meaning that this is in no way just derivative but rather a proper use of deconstruction from what the genres offer in terms of defined sound and they mold it towards their own.

The result is energizing, cathartic, authentic and perfectly crafted, it’s raw whiteout being lo-fi, it denotes expertise and care without overproducing and most importantly the riffs are not lazy repetitions of 4 notes at the right speed to create the same effect like techno beat some many bands cling from, but straight up knuckle dragging heavy hitting and tight, fast and thrashy.

Static Shock Records – 2017