Drone is kind of an acquired taste, imo, there is not a lot to get, if you’re looking for standard definitions of music, but rather this is an audible experience that can also be transmitted and recorded.

Unlike other forms of ambient compositions, drone is very frontal and present and a live show it’s not only heard but felt in the guts, allowing for a lot of experimentation but limited in its capability to be appreciated. It definitely needs a conscious approach.

This is Sunn0))) last effort an album with outtakes from the life metal sessions, continuing to present a pummeling and absorbing set of soundscapes that can wrap around you in a meditative way.

In this particular recording, the approach was to record this composition as a beginning and end of day ritual, removing a lot of the extra instruments and arrangements planed for the life metal recordings and replacing them with a free form approach, going as a live exercise direct into analogue tape. The result could seem simplistic, but the performance and recording in this conditions convey the context to understand a little bit better the sonic layering and atmospheric tuning that they have been delivering since the late 90’s.

Southern Lord, 2019