Man, when I started writing this, I thought it was going to be fast and easy, just like the riffs coming out of this slab, heavy, yet melodic, pulsating and nuanced.

The way the songs have been structured, They have a very reminiscent hardcore sound, the kind of hxc that is very adjacent to metal in many ways, and it’s close relationship shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, messageboard nerdery aside, just because this fine young people can interweave some great riffs with breakdowns doesn’t demerit in any sort of way the fact that this band can easily, be considered by any means a death metal band, and a great one at that, and adding the heavy connection to hardcore its points in favor rather than against.

Given that I have not listened to the newest material yet, and just judging by what I heard from them in their earlier singles, this is the type of band that without inventing anything new, are able to make a much more cohesive version, refined in the right ways.

Packaging is on point, sharp with minimal layout and graphic design, great collage art on the insert but sadly no lyric sheet, “mysterious boyes”, focused on the fun parts.

The record moves really fast, hardcore style, with very memorable riffs and hooks and some banging breakdowns, clearly this one is about aggression, they do not saturate the songs solos or convoluted technical noodling, relaying with more strength on heaviness and groove. overall, this LP rips and totally recommended, although, I’m might be biased from coming from the same school, but it just works.

Relapse Records 2016