Sin Dios, Sin Orden, Fronterrorizmo, Seres Humanos compilation 7 inch.

Unpretentiously DIY, efficiently made. Includes insert with lyrics but little info about pretty much anything else. I like that. There is urgency to spread a message, and that was given the space rather that to bask in ego and flattery, but with no info about the bands location or members, and I can perceive a couple of what could be considered human females or at least female sounding, it would be cool to also name them, the archivist type nerds would appreciate it.

Sin Orden brings the snap and tight sounds of their brand to get the A side raging. Sin Dios closes the side with a very classic representation of their craft.  As a note, the Sin Dios cuts were originally released in the 90’s, while the Sin Orden songs only appear in a late compilation in 2014, but were recorded way earlier.

Fronterrorizmo keeps the pace and makes an old classic sound properly theirs, Seres humanos ends with a couple of lyric heavy cuts, more crusty in style, with a double vocal assault. sadly there is little info on any of these two bands, especially bad for Seres Humanos since (from what I’m able to hear, and in case of misgendering somebody I’m sorry, I’m just going with what I can hear.) there is a female voice, delivering some great, scathing mad vocals.

This short but memorable compilation will lodge in your brain like the memory of a backyard show.

Amargado De La Vida 01