2020 was a shit year.

With that said, for me, this is probably the best release from 2020, not that other releases are bad, or dull, there were some great releases to be fair, thing is, this record really captures is the state of the collective self, even if you don’t like hxc, metallic hardcore, metal core, blackened hardcore, or whatever label you want to put this in. It only makes a better reason to listen to this record and get aquatinted with such a great representation of the drive that pushes hardcore.

The breakdowns are mean, the fast parts are meaner, it’s not that there is no melody, it’s just that it’s so hard and sharp that you know that this is not a toy.

The drums and the vocals, are almost equally pummeling, the guitar and bass flow and everything sits nicely in the mix, very memorable moments. at the first listen, it grabs you with very unexpected turns while still keeping the pace going, it’s use of “black metal or grindcore beats” it’s nothing new, indeed, but its rarely done so smoothly and bold at the same time.

The singer voice has that almost perfect pissed and angry Chris Colohan tone, the riffs are a collection of the most ignorant and heavy elements of the early mentioned genres weaved very nicely into some neck breaking pace.

The recording is great and the packaging and artwork is flawless. Go listen to it, it builds character!

Closed Casket Activities – 2020