Hüsker Dü leaves it’s punk roots a little behind but not too far behind, east style wise, considering that new day rising and zen arcade have that constant crossing over from hardcore to some sort of post rock-post-hardcore, in this one it goes full “alternative”. rounding more that little rougher parts, it’s not bad, but I’m convinced it is not being the best either, it’s still pretty good, specially if you’re already into the band, it still have quite some spirit as musically is very consistent and still really similar, at least in production and performance.

A very important thing to mention, it’s how remarkable is that they generated a sound and influence in general that still persists today to this day, and it’s the inspiration for a lot of bands. so by any means, check this out if you’re a fan already and have not listened yet, or if it’s your first time listening, it’s still a great record, but I highly recommend to visit their earlier work as well.


Hüsker Dü – Warehouse: Songs And Stories. 2xLp, Warner Bros.,125544, 1987, US