This has some of the catchiest riffs in history, I wanna throw this out there, the fact the they are catalogued within the punk sphere in many cases is kind of mindblowing since they certainly have way more understanding of their instruments and composition than the average punk band at the time, and probably that’s what gave them the edge, there is always some sort of little surprise turn from what you would think is a straight-forward rock song.

In contrast, I would lie to point out that they are probably the first rock band that considered the punk take on music and sound and actually applied it rather that treat as it’s niche category or the first “pop-punk” band if you may, their level of song dynamics are way more convoluted than your usual punk song, especially at the time, yet accessible, melodic and powerful.

This is probably the blueprint for so many bands that came after them it would be redundant to keep talking. Just get a copy.


Television – Marquee Moon. LP, 180g. Reissue, 4 Men With Beards, US, Ca. 2005.