Finch Beer Co. Big Pond blond ale, 5% ABV 20 IBU’s

Demonwitch: This is a very solid gold blonde ale with good taste and crisp body, just nothing outstanding about it.

The Fermentor: For me, this had a strong sweet malt flavor that was just far too sweet. It makes me think of licking the malt extract syrup lid. Not my thing at all.

Temperance Beer Co. Greenwood Beach blonde ale with pineapple. 4.0% ABV

Demonwitch: This is a really fresh and crisp brew that hits with flavor immediately. Very little pineapple sweetness comes through as it’s mostly just aroma. It also had nice body and carbonation.

The Fermentor: This was a fantastic brew. It’s a delicious summer beer that’s not too light not heavy just crispy and fresh.

Haymarket Beer Co. Hazy is Lazy AIPA 6.6% ABV

Demonwitch: By the taste alone, one would think that the IBU number would be stated but no… it’s super hoppy and proper hazy with a rich flavor and a clean finish.

The Fermentor: The aroma is pretty off putting but the flavor is well rounded despite being more bitter focused. At least there’s no lingering aftertaste so if you can get past the smell, it’s a decent overall showing for this AIPA.