This was my introduction to Metallica and “heavy” Music per se. As I got it in third grade and really didn’t understand a lot of what was going on in the lyrics and it was until half decade that I got my paws on a Lovecraft book. Anyways this is a classic. This is top fucking Metallica, I’m still thorn between this one and kill em all, but the magic with this one is the tecnicallity and tightness were unfuckwithable at the time, now i feel it’s slightly rigid, but it still stands like very records do. it’s heavy and clean, it’s tight, too tight, compared to kill em all, the songs feel a little more complicated, and mid pace, but then, Trapped Under Ice kicks in in all it’s thrashing glory, Escape, it’s really a bridge between the speed driven songs of the record, as Creeping Death comes in and steals the show. the last songs lingers as a palette cleanser and does it’s job very well.

The the whole thing is beautifully put together, its recording quality, it’s perfection in execution and more importantly its dynamic riffs and song structures. I personally don’t feel that they have achieved anything near this, or anything prior since then, but I don’t blame them for trying.

This record has already sold insane amounts of units, by the millions,so you don’t need to buy it new, but you definitely need this.


Metallica – Ride The Lighting, Cassette, Reissue, Electra 9603964, 1986. US.