The first song alone it’s worth a listen, carrying an incredibly similar tone to London Calling of The Clash, and being regarded peak “second” wave The Kinks.

The Record shows confident and great composition but somewhat a little bit behind the times, seems like the popular thing of a lot of artists at the time was to try to have their take on this “punk” craze going on, whatever that was, so the record it’s full of some not bad tunes, but certainly victims of corporate rock rigidity.

Each song seems to attempt a different vibe, of what could be considered popular amongst “the youth” of the time. It’s kind of a trip, maybe even a sort of flex, then there is one of the singles, come dancing, that while a happy-silly kind of tune, it has a spoon full of post punk arrangements and a weird reggae/ska guitar picking and keyboard

backbone, with some brass thrown in there for good measure, and a full on rock and roll bassline to top.

Great LP if you like the Kinks, sort of ok-meh if you’re just visiting, it’s very well done but lacks shine.

The Kinks – State of Confusion, LP, Arista 25RS-197, 1983, Japan.