Alright, so I have a thing for surf music, I find it extremely chill and easy listening, and most importantly a fundamental step in the evolution of rock music into a lot of it’s subcategories, it contains a wild amount of aesthetic elements that have been adopted by other genres and its often overlooked as some sort of antiquated style akin to rockabilly. but do not forget, surf music shaped the development of the electric guitar and amplifier to the way we know them now, and a lot of it, it’s through the work of Leo Fender…And Dick Dale.

Dick Dale made his fame with an explosive picking style, and legendary technique to make that tremolo picking and explosive booms with his unusually thick guitar strings.

To my knowledge, this is the first compilations of singles, with about 7 or 8 previously released songs, sometimes

remixed or re-recorded with slightly different arrangements.

This is a piece of history, that I cannot simply add more praise to it. The songs, the tone, the mix, the character and what he left behind solidified with this release.
To claim to be the king of surf guitar might be somewhat presumptuous, but we know that the reason is that there wasn’t a contender.


LP, Deltone Records T1886, 1963. US