I dunno how to even start this… this a very low budget movie, it’s not bad, it’s really bad, but the plot moves somewhat fast enough to keep you staring in disbelief, and it’s full of questions for the watcher, that can easily serve as a conversation piece and be exhibited as a social experiment, recording the reaction of the spectators to the plot and images. Heavy reconciliations had to be accepted to watch this film, we were not hoping for anything in particular. but the amateurish and school performance level of the plot and cast is incredible, and that might be something.

PLOT: what appears to be an angsty young woman finds a Ouija board at the beach after waiting for no man, she brings it to a reunion party of sorts with her old college roommate and her “other friends”. They have a quick splash in the pool, and later, after some ouija action they unleash the spirit of an ancient evil upon themselves. they must figure out the history of the board to be able to stop the summoned spirit to save their friends and family.

The artwork is incredibly misleading, and looks like nothing in the movie, and probably had the highest budget allocation. Many parts are slightly absurd, even considering the premise, and the plot twist might is a fantastic example of stitching a plot.

watch it at your own risk, and only if you really apprentice bad movies, with bad amateur acting and kooky stories and no sexual themes whatsoever (there is a loop hole I suppose, no pun intended).

The main question that I got from this film, and after pondering what’s it’s relationship to the Sharknado series, is the grievous but strong possibility of a shark-verse of sorts. What genre in which the whole point it to connect it with or the include sharks in the plot could be coined and how far and to what extent in the exercise of the absurd would this genre go. Shall we prepare for the possible reboot; the Amityville shark horror?

Moment before I could convince The Fermentor to assess the experience as a control expectation, I shared my belief that, this person came up with this play on the “Jaws” quote and wrote a movie around it. If that is so, and didn’t had so many people involved, this could be the most complicated dad joke in the history of humanity.

It’s a great effort and really hope they had fun making this.

-J. Demonwitch