This record sounds huge, it bangs against the wall, it makes you feel you’re in a big stage, a place where the stacked amplifiers stand tall.

The cult is one of those bands that despite their great sound and consistent songwriting, seemed to be under appreciated by the mainstream, but have a legendary status by the members of a rather large group of “underground” subcultures adherents.

This is their 4th record, their sound has been refined to a point of perfect equilibrium, the song writing has evolved to a complicated chord progression that doesn’t chokes you in noodling and keeps a heavy beat that reminds you of their more niche beginnings, They created a record that represents their version of rock without compromise, their influence and roots are heavily involved and present. Nothing was by accident.

The attitude has been cultivated to the fine line between bad ass and leather clad glam without over the top accessorizing, the bombastic elements stayed there, but were used towards the achievement of a monumental sound that makes you feel the music in a more visceral manner over many “fun” rock band versions. The result is a record that many could consider game changing, it put the band in the room with many of the greatest acts at the time.


Sire Records, 1-25871, Reprise Records 9-25871, Beggars Banquet Records Ltd. 95871-1, 1989, US.