Eris Brewery and Cider House Pedestrian Hard Cider 5.6%

The Fermentor: This cider was exactly what I’d been looking for in a canned cider after many many many fails. Too many sickly sweet ciders insist on being dry. This dry, granny apple cider is bright, just lightly carbonated and just super refreshing on this first breath of summer-type-day.

Demonwitch: Dry, tart and with no excessive sweetness, refreshing and flavorful. I’m not very into ciders, since there is a great chance I’m not gonna like it, so finding a cider like this is very welcome. 

New Belgium Sour IPA, 7% 

DW: This tangy IPA was super crisp, quite tasty and refreshing. It is sour, but it’s not A sour but rather an ipa with a great juicy flavor leaning TOWARDS sour. I can see it being a dangerous brew that feels light but packs a punchy 7%.

TF: This IPA should have pulled me over to the IPA dark (light tho) side… but it was just very light IPA. I wish it was a bit more sour but a really solid beer regardless, just nothing wild.

Anchor Brewery Bay Water IPA, 7%

DW: Thus is a lip smacking IPA. It was juicy, peaked nicely. Overall dry and left very little after taste.

TF: This was middle of the road for me… it was nicely floral with some vanilla but the flavor is just a run of the mill IPA, not great and not bad at all, just absolutely average.