So this is just the only single from the times of Kill ‘Em All. for good or bad, it already starts predicting the kind of poser behavior that they would become known for, in this case, the use of an added “live audience” to juice up the other 2 songs.

In all seriousness, Metallica from the time of Kill ’em All / Ride The Lighting / Master Of Puppets is really hard to turn down, very few bands have been able to produce such a great first record and keep it consistently for at least another 2 two.

This little tape has the charm of its own painted cover for the UK release of the only single from their first LP, and released in the USA as Whiplash. The fake live cuts are still supposed to be live in studio but with the added audience sounds, therefore, Seek and Destroy feels a little bogged down while Phantom Lord does sound a little dirtier. although not totally fully on, but just better than Seek and Destroy.

Overall this kind of item is usually for completionism fans and collectors so you might find a better option to just get Kill ‘Em All and enjoy the whole serving, This is rather a snack and a talk piece.

Music For Nations – 1983