This record is like going to a buffet, where there are many options but none of them are particularly tasty. every song is different and tries really hard, and although a couple of these songs brought them commercial success, as a record lacks cohesiveness,
someone to shove, for example, has a complete and solid vibe with extremely hard distortion that feels barely contained and the singers dry trembling voice kind of shines through, but the title record song, feels way more late 90’s cheesy alternativ, not that that is bad, but I feel they should have tried to narrow their scope a little bit, then they hit you with runaway train, which became their all time hit, a probably kind of put them in the weird situation of only having a couple songs that matched the vibe, which then take me to talk about the cut: 99%, which it’s not a bad song per se, it’s just very, “cinematic”.

Anyways, interesting for what it is, has a couple of decent nostalgia elements (there were not when it was recorded) and it kind of gets the job done.


Soul Asylum – Grave Dancers Union, Lp, Columbia, C48788, 1992, US.