Released posthumously, these EP is a follow up to their LP.

Musically speaking, it’s obviously very similar in sound but the roughness was refined a little, thus creating a more angled and nuances take on their version of “hardcore-punk” that would become known as Post-hardcore or much to every band charging, “emo”.

Essential for fans and followers while still a must check out for those lurking around the in between hardcore punk and any other possible genre to be mixed with.
It’s still very far from the overproduced and consistently weak limbed output from current artists of the genre, and contains much more spirit and creativity.

It’s kind of insane to think the timeline this genre has gone through especially after it’s co-option into mainstream can be in some sort of way find its origin in this band.

Unless you look for this on a vinyl slab, it is included in the CD and online download of the RItes of Spring LP.


Rites Of Spring – All Through A Life, 7 Inch, repress, Dischord, 22, 1987, US.