Turntable centered hip-hop by this crew of DJ’S from NYC, lots of sampling and scratching, tight breaks and cut ups, really gets you into their style, although the vocal parts are light and scattered they still manage to keep the rhythm and beat all throughout.

Some of the cuts are purely scratch and mix DJ cuts, heavy on the technique, the pieces with lyrics, are quite impactful, my favorite track being “Poetry In Motion” with a lyrical call out to the movement to take a stand before the entertainment industry would finally take over most major Rap artists, to uphold the values of the Hip Hop culture and recognize the importance of their keeping.

Great record, super enjoyable to listen to, due to its longevity it has some heavy old school vibe, that is not too vintage and has some serious edge.


The X-Ecutioners – X-Pressions, 2xLP, Asphodel 0977, 1997, US.